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Friday, October 11, 2002

I have just joined The Forge. I feel so slackerish.

(to the tune that Zoboomafoo sings)
I feel different
Not the same
This kind of feeling
I can't explain
There's only one thing
That I can do
I feel SLACKERISH, how 'bout you?
Slackerish, I feel kinda slackerish, slackerish
I'm a work-at-home SLACKER and I'm posting on The Forge!

Gamer = slacker ONLY when you're doing it on the clock. Which I am. Snickersnee, teehee.

So...this is the second time in three months that I almost got laid off due to my company 'dropping' my account (not by any fault of mine, of course), but my supervisor AGAIN argues on my behalf to the powers that be and LO AND BEHOLD Julie is now QA in El Paso, Texas, with a 9% raise, new schedule, teaching hospital clients, heavy on the research, light on the punctuation, well-seasoned experienced MTs who DO know a troponin level from a Treponema infection... It's what we'd call a lateral promotion. Apparently, my super thinks I need to be in a position where I can move on up.

Damn, I must be good.

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Thursday, October 10, 2002



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You Are Ichabod Crane From "Sleepy Hollow."

You're a deep thinker - most times logically. You're a bit of a neat freak and a wuss (hey, you do faint a lot!) but you do have the ability to overcome your fears and come out stronger in the end. And you never lose your head over things. (Gufaw gufaw!)

Take The Johnny Depp Quiz!

By the way, I'm lifting these links from Bonnie Burton's site, a fellow plantophile who has taken it academic.

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Trollbabe Oga causes minor earthquake, slices hunter's shins, meets Ursh, decapitates evil nasty, sleeps in barn, saves sheep.

Find the story from GM's point of view here.

From my point of view...let's see...I'm a player only. I have no interest in running or designing anything. I'm looking at it from purely a actor-player standpoint, sometimes the kind of player that has to be reminded of what dice we're using, more interested in speaking in character and interacting properly than in mechanics.

Again, seemingly characteristic of Ron's stuff, easy but by no means simplistic. Reading the game text was a bit daunting, as he breaks it down SO DAMN FAR, but in actual play the nitty-gritty breakdown smooths out. It's best for players like me when the GM is in charge of remembering all the rules. Ideally, if player and GM were equally intuitive, familiar with the mechanics and necessary times of conflict/scene resolution, blah blah, I could see this as a purely narrative/dialogue type of thing, especially 1-on-1.

Oga, my trollbabe, looks almost just like me (kind of like Elaine, kind of like Phyllis, kind of like Lobelia, kind of like Stephanie, kind of like Teleri, kind of like every other female character I've ever felt really confortable with) EXCEPT she's about 7 feet tall, goes about 350-400 pounds, dresses entirely in fur so as not to appear TOO human-ish (she's been living amongst trolls only most of her life), and has these cute little delicate black spirally horns. She has a penchant for playing with rocks and wearing stretched-to-fit human jewelry. She has a naive confidence, sure that she can talk anyone into anything, or at least impress them into anything. She's never been so far from home before. She makes quite an impression on adolescent farmboys. :) She can juggle, too.

Apparently trolls get blamed for every and anything that goes amiss in this neck of the woods. Oga doesn't take kindly to her kin being run down like beasts, nor does she take kindly to those who do such running down. Berek the hunter from town found that out right quick. I mean, shooting to kill a peaceful, humming, quietly cookie-monster-like old gray troll who wants to just be left alone? Oh no you don't, not while Oga's there. Every troll is her brother or sister. You're going to lose some skin and blood and pride if you mess with them. You may just have your axe snatched away too (thanks to an excellent roll for combat). What happens when you 'fail' your roll for magic? Well, you don't fail per se. Oga caused a bit of an earthquake while trying to open up a pit trap for this big bad evil nasty sheep-eating dark hunter thing. Oopsie! "Look what she summoned! She caused an earthquake and summoned something evil to get us!" "I didn't summon this thing! I'm trying to HELP you for Gug's (invented troll deity) sake, you stupid peasants!" Here is a cool thing: If you roll out of the range of success, you can reroll with some extra circumstances thrown in. Oga's attempt at a pit trap spell only shook the ground. Must resort to fighting it, don't wanna, hafta. Attacking this big bad nasty worked the first time (using Berek's axe), but the next few times...well, it didn't. I found it necessary to give Oga a sudden ally. Berek (said ally, not friendly, just momentarily helpful) was aiming for Oga with his crossbow, but missed and hit the beastie instead, allowing Oga to decapitate said beastie. "Now you have proof it wasn't a troll eating your sheep. Oh, and here's your axe back, Berek. Thanks." So they allowed Oga to catch some Zs out in the hay (*sans farmboy visit, that would have been a thing*) with the very sheep she ended up saving. Ursh, the gray cookie monster singing troll in the forest, will be left in peace. That's all Oga wanted in the first place.

All in all, I'd say it was a great run. I'm not using that Gugdamn glittery D10 next time though.

Next...north to the mountains that come right up to the edge of the water.

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I've just been transferred from Tampa, Florida to El Paso, Texas.

Thank goodness for telecommuting.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002


This was an experiement to test my cutting-and-pasting skills. It worked!

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I just took a quiz at ivillage. What goddess are you? Can anyone guess? Anyone? (Syncopated Clock mpg should go here.)

This says I'm 50% Artemis, 25% Athena and the remaining 25% is split three equal ways between Persephone, Demeter and Aphrodite. They didn't have Eris in there, nor did they have Baubo. Damn.

I took the Greek God test on Pooka's behalf, and it says...(fanfare) he's 50% Hermes, 20% Poseidon, and a mixed bag of Hades/Dionysus/Apollo at 10% each. We match up pretty well. As if I needed an ivillage quiz to tell me that. As if I needed it to tell me, "Men who embody Hermes' qualities are friendly and can bring great gain -- often unexpected -- to people. However, they can also be crafty and deceiving, and may have reputations as tricksters." Gee, Josh, they have you pegged, don't they?

All the quizzes I ever take only tell me things I already know, but it's still fun to figure out what flavor (cinnamon), color (brown), dog (border collie), cat (Maine coon), Meyers-Briggs (INFP), mythic creature (mermaid) I am.

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Right now, there are about a hundred million mixed-bag blackbirds all hurtling past my southwest-exposed office/bedroom window. They gathered en masse on a neighbor's lawn at about 6:30 a.m. It sounded like tax day, there were so many 'kang-ka-ree' redwing trills in the air. I recall poems about scarves of birds. This is not just a scarf. This is a double-knit woolen great kilt of birds. Vince is frantic at the window, tail all atwitch, as cats are wont to be in the presence of so many flying chewtoys.

(5 minutes pass)

They're still flying past my window. Now it looks like an Alfred Hitchcock movie out there, except that none of them are trying to peck and beat their way into our domiciles. They are of a single mind: "Go that-a-way." Vince is bored. After the 150,000th bird escapes him, he gives up.

Robins are also massing in somewhat smaller groups. They're pecking at the crabapples and singing their little brains out. I thought robins were wormivores. The geese have long since made their intentions apparent and have been veehonking across the skies since the last week of September. The sandhill cranes were the first to go, and we're even on the southern edge of their summer territory. What's your hurry? Oh...that. Winter. Yes.

Gods and goddesses, I wish I could go with them. The part of me that doesn't want to hibernate wants to migrate. Alas, I am no snowbird. I stay put through all the seasons.

There is something to be said for the toughness and fortidude of cardinals, crows, starlings, sparrows, chickadees, bluejays, and other birds that tough it out all winter here. Even on the coldest day, you'll see them flitting about or zooming from one treetop to the other. I feed the birds in winter pretty regularly. Mo and I made pinecone/peanut butter/millet/sunflower seed feeders last year. One was the staging ground for a fierce territorial battle between two chickadees. They ended up unlooping it right off the branch and onto the ground where the squirrels got it. Heehee. Silly birdies.

I believe this bodes well. I'm not cringing in fear of the cold and dark. I'm wishing I didn't have to see it, but I can handle it. Can your totem change with the seasons? If so, I'll take a nonmigratory bird for winter, please. How about the cardinal? All right. Cardinal it is. Julie's new totem for mid-October through March is the cardinal, denizen of snowy suburb and isolated piny northwoods alike, at home and surviving comfortably wherever and whenever it happens to find itself. Admirable.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Warning: This post contains a lot of naughty bad words that will probably offend almost everybody. I might even delete it when I feel better, so read it while you can.

God-fucking-dammit! These doctors couldn't dictate their way out of my grandpa's colostomy bag! Could you take the intern's cock out of your mouth long enough to finish this discharge summary, please? Can you take your craniorectal impaction elsewhere? If you are going to practice medicine in an English-speaking country, can you please dictate your fucking notes all in English and not switch back and forth from English to Urdu to Swahili to Spanish to English again? Can you please NOT misspell the medications? The MTs do that well enough on their own. I want to tell this big medical info corporation to take this stupid transmax machine that goes "woo-woo" in my ear and this entire hospital and clinic system in (edit), Florida, and shove it up their gaping purulent tampon-holes. The transcriptionists...ugh! They got their education at Joe Illiterit's Skool uv Gramer & Medickil Tie Ping. They wouldn't know a tidal volume from a troponin level if one came up and bit them on their wide flabby secretary-spread asses. They are IDIOTS, one and all. This corporation hires IDIOTS! If I have to change one more set of credentials from M.D. to P.A.C. or A.R.N.P., I am going to hurt someone.

(they hired you too, though)
Shut up, voice of reason.

(they pay you enough to get a little wack every once in a while)
That they do. So, okay. I did this mini-rant on their time.

(Feel better?)

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There is so much stuff going on in the personal, local, state and national politick, I have no idea what to say about it all, except the following:

1. Personal: I am considering allowing my mom to buy me a Seasonal Affective Disorder light box. The one we like costs about $500. The thing is, I make more money than my mom. Should I still let her buy it? Insist AGAIN that I pay for it, or at least half, and have her say, oh no no dear? I don't really think I have SAD; I just want to hibernate all five to six months of winter we have here, like any sensible mammal, but dear ol' Mom has to put a pathology on all my behavior.

Work is still work. There is a doctor now who can't figure out how to work the volume and thus sounds as though he is whispering his transfer summaries into a 3-liter bottle in the Grand Canyon, while I listen through a stethoscope with cotton in my ears.

The Scrabble onslaught continues unabated. I feel a bit peckish and a bacon/kumquat/marinara blaze of mush might hit the spot. :)

2. Local: The destruction of the wetlands and woods also continues unabated. No one seems to be interested in stopping it but me. I have a meeting with myself out at Minor and Miniwaukan Park. Seems Mother Nature has an agenda of destruction of her own. I'd rather let the wind do it than construction companies. Leave the friggin Vernon Marsh alone, you condo-building scumbags!

The used-to-be Sentry/Hardee's/Burger King cum incipient Walgreen's/now awful eyesore in the middle of town continues to sit there. There is some edification for me in that a large amount of grass and weeds have started to bust their way through the asphalt of the parking lot. Hurrah! Take back the lot!

3. State: The gubernatorial race is heating up. I'd like to see Young/Peterson (Green) get a sizable chunk of the vote, but there is a big to-do about how fractured and fragmented, thus ineffectual, the political left is. The right chuckles and rests on its "divide and conquer" laurels. I'm not sure what to do about that.

4. National: (hands over ears, grimacing in pain) AAAAAGH! Turn off the TV! Turn off the radio! It's hurting my ears! It tastes like burning!

Tell you what. Go to Anna's site and follow the link to the Not in Our Name petition. Read. Sign if you feel so moved. She seems to be more vocally up-in-arms lately than I am (only SEEMS that way). There are anti-war protests popping up all over the country. Go to one if you can. Have one of your own if you can't go to a big one. This whole thing is ridiculous, just utterly Spam-can-popping dog-turd-stomping gum-in-the-gears ridiculous. Hear me now, Prayzidint Duh...you'll be burning in the special Hell with cap'n Malcolm Reynolds, child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

It's over now.

That last bit above was a reference to Firefly, a show I find myself liking in spite of myself. Josh is having an unforeseen effect on me...he's making me want to watch more mind-numbing TV!

I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer while I tape it for him. Morgan and I watch Smallville together while I tape it. She is fascinated by Superman as a teenager (an eerily perfect teenager). We watch The West Wing on Wednesday nights when he's here (and yes, he's right, the dialogue is worth noting). We watch The Cartoon Network with Morgan in such a way that it almost chokes me up; all sprawled on the floor, slurping popsicles or chewing gum or some such, all laughing or groaning or oohing or aaahing, digging the camraderie and my kid and my man being happy about the same thing at the same time with me. Quality time, schmality time. It's pop culture family bonding and it's great.

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