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Friday, January 24, 2003


I found this on Tom Tomorrow's blog.

The site isn't really being updated much anymore, apparently, but archives should be good for a chuckle.

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More fascinating facts about me:

My favorite white wine is Gewurztraminer. I don't like Chardonnay. I don't like Riesling. I don't like Pinot Grigo or Gris. I don't like white Zinfandel. Only Gewurz will do it for me, preferably 2000 or 2001, domestic or import, it's all good. I have an open bottle of Geyser Peak 2001 in my fridge right now, and true to varietal, it's spicy and has a pretty fruity and flowery scent. Yum. May I commit sacrilege and say I watered it down by half with seltzer and I liked it even more because it accented the fact that it was young, fresh and still intense? No? Okay, then I didn't. I have a recipe that calls for rosemary, honey, lemon juice, red pepper flakes and white wine for marinating chicken. I think I'll be making that soon.

I won't say no to a champagne or sparkling white cocktail with bitters, but plain old brut? Um, I have to say no to that.

My favorite red? Pinot Noir or Nero (French vs. Italian vs. American). Youngish Merlots come in a close second. I admit, I'm not a sophisticate when it comes to reds. Sweet and spicy and fruity are what I look for. I know what tastes good to me. A red made from the concords in my parent's backyard would also be to my liking. I prefer to drink red wine with food because if I don't, it gives me a headache because of the sulfites. Such is life. It also stains my teeth purple and gives me an acute case of blushies. I have a bottle of 1999 Beringer's Founder's Estate Pinot Noir sitting on my counter. What should I do with it, hm?

I'm a sucker for the local vintages too, especially Door County cherry.

Beer? I'm not overfond of beer in general, but I'm not averse to the odd pint of Guinness (according to Josh, Guinness in bottles is crap, and we should only get it from a tap) or a honey wheat microbrew. One beer I cannot stomach (or mouth) is Grolsch. Ugh, don't remind me. If I have beer in my fridge, it's probably because I'm making chili.

My favorite liqueurs are probably Frangelico, Amaretto, creme de cassis and kirsch. I have a fondness for peach and plum and ginger brandy, sometimes all at once. I haven't tasted enough of things like sake or mirin to know if I like them or not. I love mead, but I have to avoid it like the plague because it's the only drink I've ever had that has given me a hangover. Curses!

I have to like tequila only because it's what the outlaws drink. I like it in theory.

So now if you ever take me out and want to buy me a drink, you know what I'll like. Oh, and one more thing: Two drink maximum. Any more than that and I get plum silly.


International slang makes for good, informative reading while sipping previously mentioned Gewurz and waiting for reports.

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I'm sorry about the comments. I have no idea what Haloscan's problem is.

Don't forget, if you have something to say to me, I have email.

ADDENDUM: It's that Haloscan's server is getting overloaded. It's not just me. Someone is ranting on the support boards about it. We laidback gals at HiDeeHo shan't rant, we can't. My aunt got me a plant and Dr. VanZandt makes me pant.

Sorry. Lapsed into beat-speak for a moment.

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The changing of names from Fields back to Foat has been the easiest part of this whole debacle. I can only hope the next name change will run as smoothly.

I Googled myself and was rather embarrassed by the links. The first one is a nearly blank page, something I signed up for on a whim and on which I never followed through (note the naivete). That second link isn't even me. I've never taken a cultural anthropology class in my life, and if I had, I wouldn't wait until the last minute to ask for help (although I am related to that girl distantly somehow). The third link, while valid in that I am indeed an online MT, points to such an old email address that I doubt it's even an open account anymore.

Googling "Julie Fields," on the other hand, brings up lots and lots of well-educated and presumably fascinating people, of which I am only a tiny one. Oh well.

In the interest of pointing the search string "Julie Foat" here, we have this post. Thank you for your time.

posted by Julie Neff  # 1/24/2003 08:42:00 AM

Thursday, January 23, 2003


The Narada label produces some of my most very favorite music in the whole world. Right now, I have this one in my CD player. Good stuff. Josh lent me Baka Beyond's Journey Between recently, and I had fallen asleep listening to it for four or five nights in a row since. Now I see Baka Beyond is joining up with Narada. Yep. Good stuff.

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Oh, I'm all a-flutter.

I'm the kind of person who digs out their old journals and reads them like novels; therefore, it makes sense that I also like to check back on my archives and read a bit, too. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find someone finally left a comment on this post, after all the brouhaha it caused in search-engine-land.

I seem to have attracted the attention of one Dr. Gerard DiLeo, a practicing OB/GYN and author of The Anxious Parent's Guide to Pregnancy. I think he liked my post.

Wow, I said to myself. That's like Josh getting a comment from Jim Munroe or Wil Wheaton.

This leads me to want to restate my credentials. I'm not actually an M.D., or a D.O., or any such thing. I have no letters after my name except, perhaps, MLS - medical language specialist. My knowledge of medicine comes firsthand only as a patient and family members' advocate (my family is full of fun chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, dementia and suchlike). The rest comes from 20+ years of reading voraciously, keeping up in the literature for my job, a few years of college and tech school, and what I'd like to think of as insight and instinct. I'm kind of known in my parent's circle as "the one to ask" before actually making an appointment. I fully intend to make a further career in medicine than the one I have, which counts only as allied health and clerical.

There's a BSN and nurse-midwife certification with my name on it out there somewhere, I swear. Or maybe with a name that I don't have now, but anticipate having in oh, say, two years or so.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003


To everyone at a distance (you know whose youse are) who has helped me keep my sense of humor and self-esteem afloat in these litigious times, thank you.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2003


Villa Incognito. Due out in April. The estimable Mr. Robbins will be visiting our neck of the urban woods on May 9 this year. To see if he'll be stopping at a bookshop near you this May, go here.

He is a writer's writer. He never fails to do something unexpected, while at the same time having the same intoxicating purple haze hanging over all of his prose. How can I describe my most favorite modern writer? How do you describe your vocational hero?

This takes me back...and sends my thought processes spinning...

My friend Angie and I once and then often (in 1988, at age 14) speculated on the possibility that authors create metarealities in their writing, that there is a dimension in which characters that are put in the same setting and same time frame interact willy-nilly, heedless of how we perceive them in their books. Imagine then, if you will, another facet to that premise; that every character from a single author interacts in that dimension with each other. Hah! What a circus. Can you imagine what the Reverend Buddy Winkler would think of John Paul Ziller? Would Ellen Cherry Charles and Priscilla Partido hook up for another meeting of the Daughters of the Daily Special? How quickly would Ricki Sinatra be in bed with Amanda Ziller or Sissy Hankshaw, or both? Would Bernard M. Wrangle and Joshua "Spike" Cohen get along? Roland Abu Hadee and A'Ben Fizel? Plucky Purcell and Wiggs Dannyboy? Marx Marvelous and Switters? Gwen Mati and Leigh-Cheri and Sister Domino? Maestra and the Chink? Oh my oh my.

Think of other novelists that you read, novelists who don't often mix characters (not series like Jean Auel or Terry Pratchett write; those are linear and self-referential). Think of how their characters would bounce off each other or click, all jumbled together in the author's head, leading independent lives after being fleshed out and detailed in the book.

Okay. Go have a martini or a Bellini, or if you're not into pseudosophistication, have white grape juice and 7-Up in a champgane flute. You've earned it.

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...I suggest you ponder this.

I wonder if that pathologist was one of the ones who never reads his own reports.

UPDATE: They're working on it.

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Monday, January 20, 2003


Josh and I saw Amelie again this weekend. I first saw it in July, waaaay back when Josh and I first started seeing each other. You know what? I think I liked it better the second time around. The Nino character seemed more, oh I don't know, genuine this time. The first time, he seemed a bit like a blank, like someone onto whom Amelie was projecting her wishes. The moment where she opens the door and there he is, surprise! Ah. Indeed. I wonder, did I have to live that moment for six months in order to get the full impact of it?

I never mentioned that we also saw The Two Towers. Needless to say, I dug it immensely. This is not the time for a belated review or quibbling, but I'll give props to the acting and animation of Gollum/Smeagol like everyone else. I also think Elijah Wood looks a helluva lot cuter with some hair on his head. Back in his Goonies up through Memphis Belle days, Sean Astin was also someone who could set me all a-pitter-pat; now, he reminds me of how I remember my dad from my childhood. Not so much pitterpat anymore.

ADDENDUM: Now is the time for the quibbles. This guy has some harsh but more-or-less accurate criticisms of deviation from the original text of Two Towers. Sure and I too groaned at the inconsistencies and the cheap jokes, like any true geek will, but in the long run, let the man have his fun. Who do you think could have done it better? Thanks to Gareth at Nearly Empty Rooms for this link.

I come across some movies on cable occasionally that I didn't know existed, like Moll Flanders, which came out in summer 1996. I didn't see it. Gee, I wonder why? I had read the text in school, and as usual, it's nice to see faces given to the characters. I dug it to an extent that I don't usually dig movies-made-out-of-literature.

My point? I'm not much of a movie person, usually. I'm the type to whom people say, "Oh I can't believe you haven't seen (such-and-such)!" I hadn't seen Attack of the Clones until just before Christmas. I still haven't seen Spiderman. I only just saw Mulholland Drive and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone fairly recently, all thanks to that maven and his magickal technothingy DVD player.

So, for supplementing my knowledge and experience of pop culture and movies in your own little way, I once again thank you, Pooka. Consider it payback for getting you to read Jitterbug Perfume. Erleichda!


According to the referral log, I have the majority of the hits to this site thanks to this post about...are you ready...(drum roll) AVLIMIL!!! All you curious ladies out there...it's only herbs. Climatique and Vazoplex? They're only lube with menthol and some other stuff. Buy yourselves a clue here or here. Sheesh.

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