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Thursday, February 27, 2003


I'm in the middle of a fallow period as far as creativity goes, so there will be no image buds a-popping or metaphoric cranes soaring majestically over the ancient migratory route until the temperature crawls above freezing and I hear my first redwing blackbird. Should be two or three weeks.

We're going on another trip tomorrow, this time a weekender to sunny suburban Detroit. Going to visit/meet the Mom-o-Josh and the Sister-o-Josh, future in-laws. Promises to be interesting. I said awful horrible things to them and irreparably offended them in a dream I had not too long ago. Apparently I am afraid of alienating the women in Josh's family. I've mouthed off to boyfriends' mothers before with predictable consequences. Matter of fact, I can't think of ANY boyfriend I've ever had whose mother I haven't righteously pissed off at some point or another.

I REALLY want to break this precedent.

Chant with me: nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice we want them to like me we want them to like me don't try too hard don't try too hard...Stacy, did this ever cross your mind? Were you ever petrified of meeting them? Oh by the way, Mo likes the shirt and it fits. She says thank you.


Now HERE's a bit of incredibly personal information that is too good not to share. It has naught to do with my usual obsessions, though. It has to do with money. It also has to do with that mysterious ennobled eminence, the Power of Serendipitous Synchronicity.

I paid to have H&R Block do our taxes jointly, so as not to have to deal with the ex in person. That cost $155 because it was complicated and took hours and hours, apparently. Turns out that between the two of us, we owe the damn federal government $1640. Yikes. Okay. Our marital settlement agreement dictates that we split the cost of tax liability 50/50, which means my half is $820. Now, this is important. I decreed that I would cover 100% of the preparation costs and I owe half of the liability. 820+155= $975. That's quite a hefty sum.

This is where the ennobled one steps in.

Recall how I worked for MedQuist? Recall how I was complaining about how they did not give PTO? Well, guess what? I was wrong. I had 76 hours of PTO incubating on my benefit record, and I had no idea. Today I receive in the mail, along with the birthday package from Auntie and Unca 2B for Mo, a disbursement of $975 from MedQuist. When I resigned, they cashed out my PTO, taxed it, and mailed me the balance.

I'm out $975 for taxes, and get paid $975 in back PTO. Net shift = $0

Am I an anchor? Perhaps...

Now, you may wonder about that contempt hearing on Fat Tuesday. He gave in and complied and as such, is not in contempt anymore. Like the nice, mature lady person I am, I wrote a letter requesting that the hearing be canceled. That request was granted, this morning matter of fact, and the hearing is indeed canceled. The funny part is that he took off for New Orleans anyway before he could be notified that the hearing was canceled. He also thinks the hearing is on March 3. He'll come rushing back up here, missing the best part of Mardi Gras, show up a day early and for no reason because there's no hearing BECAUSE IT WAS CANCELED!

Heh. This is even better than dragging his ass in for a slap on the wrist and being told to cooperate by the judge.

Some of you may question the wisdom of putting personal financial and legal happenings on the web. I question it too. Wouldn't you say, though, that the facts in my life are stranger than fiction? I bloody well would.

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Monday, February 24, 2003


This Sunday, Morgan had her 6th birthday party. I did the cake, Josh did the decor, and five little girls were kept entertained for 3 hours. Whew. Josh did his monkey routine, much to the delight of one girl in particular. I've never seen ANYONE go as nuts over Josh as she did, not even me. She climbed all over him, shrieking, "Please monkey, don't go!!!"

Mo made out almost as good on gifts as she did at Christmas. Matter of fact, she got some stuff that I want to play with; namely, the Legos and the magnetic poetry set. The Barbie stuff I can leave well alone.

Her actual birthday is tomorrow. As I recall, her birth (in 1997, of course) was attended by my parents and a friend. Only 14 hours of labor and one of pushing, drug-free. Beethoven's Pastorale Symphony was on the radio. Other than that, I'm kind of vague on the rest because I had surgery the very next day. I do remember attaching great significance to the fact that the Leonid meteor showers were at their fullest display, and one of those major planetary conjunctions was just ending at that time.

On looking at Mo's chart (you know I place no faith in astrology, but it is interesting), she has a very harsh Mars/Saturn opposition, 1st/7th, Libra/Aries. Oh dear. The moon also in Libra might mollify that somewhat, but your two malefics in polar opposition...hm...might be a cross to bear regarding leadership and self versus partnership. Mars rising can make one very action-oriented and belligerent, but I haven't seen THAT side yet. She's more the luna-bird type for now.

The fifth house is full of Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the sun, of which only the sun is in Pisces and the rest Aquarius. Everything else is empty. Must ponder...

So, in a nutshell, Happy Birthday Morgan, savior of my common sense and initiator of my Mother phase. May you have at least 70 or 80 more.

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