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Friday, December 26, 2003


The gift-giving came and went without a hitch. Mo actually slept late on Thursday, and we all waited until about 9:30 to dive into the pile of prezzies. Santa was kind to us, and we were to each other. We received gifts from afar and we thank you all.

I shan't itemize, but let it suffice to say there were many exclamations of "Oh, COOL!" and "Wow, thanks!" and so on.

Mo actually got a letter back from Santa and his staff from North Pole, Alaska.

I think we may add the tradition of having Chinese food for dinner to our winter holidays.

On an unrelated-to-holidays note, I must mention that I watched the latest episode of "The Simple Life." Er. I must also say that even when acing a quiz in differential equations or chemistry back in college, even when discoursing at length on the concepts of good and evil in the book of Genesis back in high school, even when identifying every weed in a field, I have never felt so intelligent or responsible as when I was watching that show. It's probably not worth it. If I keep watching it, my brain may rot and that just will not do at all.

Listening now to Bjork's Vespertine, "Pagan Poetry." Needless to say, it reminds me of Josh. Before that, Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits. Before THAT, one of my gifts - a Narada collection of new Celtic folkpunk by bands with names like the Peatbog Fairies. Hee. Good cleaning music. Hop, skip, jump, twirl, fold, hang, repeat.

My semi-annual closet cleaning is thankfully done. Three bags for Goodwill. Good jorb.

Mo is starting swimming lessons next weekend, and I too shall partake of the pool at the Y. Of all potentially competitive sports, swimming is my favorite. I feel almost as at home in the water as I do traveling by foot over land. I hope she ends up as comfortable and skilled in the water as I am. I may also take advantage of the Pilates and yoga classes - free for me!

I do make a killer chocolate cream pie, by the way. I couldn't eat more than a spoonful because of all the milk, but oh yes, it was grood. Good. Great. Great and good.

Now I'm off to put the Mo to bed. She shares her bed now with so many stuffed animals, it's crazy. A few of them even talk. Nothing more disturbing than waking up to the sound of Wish Bear saying, "What's your favorite wish?" from somewhere in the region of your butt, is there?

Work continues apace. I'm back in my production groove. Hooray!

So if I don't get back to this before 2004, Happy Gregorian New Year. And for goodness sakes, be careful out there. All sorts come out of the woodwork on that night, thinking they can drive.

Aside to the obsolete model: Look up "persona non grata," tear out the definition you find, roll it tightly and cram it.

Good night.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003


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Monday, December 22, 2003



Josh and I spontaneously saw RoTK on Friday the 19th. Bought tickets that afternoon on a whim.


Aside from the bits that I knew would be screenwritten out, I think it was damn near perfect. There were many parts that were exactly how I imagined them every time I've read the books, especially Mount Doom. Peter Jackson and his lot read my mind.

At some point, I will sit for 12+ hours and watch them all.

What impressed me most about all three movies was the casting. When I picked up RoTK and read it a little to see how this cast fit into the actual text, it worked. One of the parts left out was the brief courtship of Eowyn and Faramir. Sure enough, Miranda Otto and David Wenham populated the scene in my mind. Sigh. I liked that bit. I wish it hadn't been left out, but I suppose the smooshy-smooshy of Aragorn and Arwen had to dominate.

According to Josh and his sources (who knows that they are?), Peter Jackson, et. al., are considering doing "The Hobbit." Oh yes. By all means, Mr. Jackson, take a break and do whatever. Give it a year or two, and then do it. Or the Silmarillion. That'd be awesome. That's the geek in me talking.

I hope everyone had an excellent solstice. I mean, aside from Level Ernie Alerts, earthquakes, flu and the like.

The day flew by on dark cloudy wings, but all in all, not bad. My flame-gazing revealed none of the auspices of discord (so mild!) that I saw last year. Now I see...hm...mellowness, being laid-back, taking things in stride, levelheadedness and arrows pointing in the direction I want to go.

May the rest of the winter holiday season bring you whatever joy you might wish. I, for one, look forward now to lengthening of days and the return of the light.

Happy Joshmas on the 24th! Our Yule child burns ever bright.

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